NSW non-urban water meteringApproved NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Local Intelligence Device

Halytech meterwatch is a premium data logger and telemetry device offering the longest battery life in its class. This economical self-contained Local Intelligence Device (LID) is designed specifically for the NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Framework.

meterwatch comes fully configured and site ready. A unique, easy to use web interface lets installers connect to meterwatch to set up and verify meter calibration, mobile signal strength and internet connectivity. Any computer with a browser can be used and no special software is required.

The compact waterproof (IP-68) enclosure makes it suitable for installation in the toughest environments.

Extremely low power operation and field life in excess of 10 years is achieved by utilising the latest LTE Cat M1 communication technologies.

The combination of LTE Cat M1 and flexible external antenna configuration ensures you get the best communications performance poor mobile reception areas.

meterwatch is backed by a 7-year product and battery warranty*.


  • Is fully approved LID for the NSW DAS Non-urban water metering framework
  • Is economical to buy, install and operate
  • Monitors a single pulse meter with cable and enclosure tamper detection
  • Automatically sends data and alarms to the cloud-based NSW Data Acquisition Service (DAS)
  • Records usage and alarm data for long term local retrieval
  • Uses an LTE Cat M1 modem for optimal signal and battery performance
  • Is designed for installation in harsh environments
  • Can operate for more than 7 years on its replaceable internal battery

LANlink Cable (sold-separately) is required to connect meterwatch to a computer.

Halytech can recommend or supply a range of external antennas to suit your applications


Economical – low upfront, installation and operational costs

Easy to use – simple familiar web browser interface

Preconfigured – comes fully tested, site configured ready for activation

Easy to install

Integrated mounting – bolt straight to wall

Pipe mounting bracket available.

Waterproof enclosure – no need for extra enclosures

No special software required

setup and download using browser

reports sent straight DAS on the cloud

text/csv reports open in Excel

Large internal memory – full local backup of data



Dimensions: (approx) 165(W) x 80(H) x 85 (D) mm

Weight: (approx) 800 g

Enclosure: ABS rated IP - 68 with integrated mounting

Operating temperature: -5 to +50 degrees Celsius

Data Recorder

Capacity: approximately 400,000 records

Storage memory: Non-volatile FLASH

Time resolution: 1 second

Download format: CSV file


Integrated long life lithium batteries (up to 10 years battery life)


7 years parts and labour guarantee including battery



Number of inputs:

  • 1 x pulse meter
  • 1 x meter cable tamper

Counter / Event Inputs

  • Minimum pulse width: 5 ms
  • Maximum frequency: 100 Hz
  • Range: 0 - 999,999

System Inputs:

  • System temperature
  • Battery voltage



Preconfigured to alarm on

  • Cable tamper
  • Enclosure tamper

Communication Interfaces

Ethernet 10 base-T, RJ-45 connector on LANlink comms cable

Cellular phone module:   LTE Cat M1

Antenna:   external antenna  

Internet connectivity: VPN LTE Cat M1


Product is available with either

  • Connector for Meter Cable (connector included)
  • Flying Lead (1m) for connection to meter or pulse lead
    (special cable lengths can be specified at order time)



LANlink Cable (required to connect meterwatch to a computer)

high gain directional antenna

Halytech offers a range of cables with connectors and probes

Halytech can offer meterwatch units with flying lead prewired with probe


Jun 2019

Halytech as released a special microSpider Industrial based solution that provides all the standard microSpider logging and reporting capabilities PLUS video capture and transmission for server-based analysis of river flows and volumes.

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