GPRS Static IP addresses for remote monitoring & data-logging

Sydney, NSW 8th October 2012

As a result of recent changes made by Australia’s mobile phone carriers, Halytech can now offer its Spider range of data-loggers with a GPRS static IP address. This is a major breakthrough for remote monitoring in Australia.

Since the advent of M2M communications about a decade ago, there has been a demand for a data-logging unit connected to the mobile phone network which could be addressed directly using a web browser. This was not possible in Australia as the mobile phone carriers restricted the issue of the publicly available, static IP addresses required to do this. SIM cards with these static IP addresses are now available in Australia and Halytech is perfectly placed to offer its customers a data-logger which can take advantage of the situation.

To make use of static IP addresses which have been available in other countries for many years, Halytech Spider data-loggers are fitted with an onboard web-server which enables the user to interact directly the device without requiring an interposing website. Using a smart phone or a laptop with mobile broadband connection, a user can browse directly to their Spider data-logger to get an update or to change settings from anywhere in the mobile-connected world. Perfect for environmental monitoring, trade waste monitoring or any other activity where one might want to get immediate access to data.

Halytech Spider features configurable I/O combined with Modbus and SDI-12 compatibility to provide great flexibility for use with a broad range of instruments. Configuration is achieved through its onboard web server avoiding the need for special software or licences.


Halytech introduces new microSpider Satellite data-logger

Sydney, NSW 20th August 2012

Halytech is pleased to announce its new low-cost, low-power solution for remote monitoring and data logging which uses the Iridium satellite network Short Burst Data (SBD) service for automated data delivery. 

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